Powerflex Suspension Bushes

Powerflex suspension bushes

Does your vehicle suffer from




These are common problems associated with soft, ageing and failing rubber compound suspension bushes.

Powerflex suspension bushes are the solution!

What are Powerflex Suspension Bushes?

Powerflex suspension bushes are designed and manufactured in the UK  using a technologically advanced range of polyurethane uprated suspension bushes. They outlast standard bushes by a factor of ten and in the first year can save you the cost of the bushes in tyre wear alone. Powerflex also offers added safety with improved braking stability and grip.

The advanced polyurethane compound overcomes the common problem of increased noise associated with harder bushes. The engineered compound means the bushes can be made 25-30% stiffer than rubber bushes whilst retaining the same noise absorption ability.

The Powerflex bushes use stainless steel inserts where required, so there are none of the corrosion issues associated with cheaper bushes.

Why use Powerflex Suspension Bushes?

Suspension bushes are amongst the most stressed components fitted to a car as they take the force of bumps hitting the suspension. Traditional rubber suspension bushes deteriorate as they age and wear, becoming softer and less resistant to the strains of the forces put on them. As this happens it allows more movement of the suspension components and less control. This extra moment can significantly increase tyre wear, braking instability and poor handling.

The greatest advantages of using these suspension bushes are:

Better handling and improved performance
Increased safety on the road
Prolong the lifespan of your tyres
Far more durable than rubber bushes (fitted as standard by manufacturers)
Manufactured to suit the make and model
Powerflex products have an exceptionally long lifespan because they are impervious to chemicals and aging
Powerflex suspension bushes allow high performance without vibration or noise
Powerflex are an ISO9001 accredited company and receiver of the Queens’s Award for Enterprise and international trade 2013.


Powerflex Suspension Bush Installations

As an official distributor of Powerflex suspension bushes we offer the full range of Powerflex products which are suitable for various makes and models of cars. If you are looking to have them installed our customer service team will be able to offer professional advice on whether there is a product suitable for fitting on your vehicle, as well as the price to have them installed.


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