Guide To Servicing


As a member of the Bosch Car Service network we work to an Approved standard which ensures your peace of mind when entrusting your car to us.

Do I need to go to a main dealer to maintain the manufacturers warranty on my car?

Many car owners who have bought from new or own vehicles within a manufacturers warranty period believe that they must go to a main dealer to maintain the warranty. This is simply not true. The Office of Fair trading (OFT) reported that consumers no longer have to have their car serviced by a franchise dealer to comply with the manufacturers warranty.

From the OFT report:

“Servicing at franchise dealers is typically more expensive than servicing at independent garages, averaging £199 and £116 respectively without any apparent difference in the quality of service offered.”

Taken from the OFT bulletin 85/04.

How do prices compare between SLP Autos and a main dealership?

Our customers generally find using us significantly cheaper than using a main dealer. Our customers frequently compliment us on the better standard of service provided, the cheaper cost of replacement parts and fluids, and the lower overall cost of servicing and repairing their car.


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