Local car servicing in ChelmsfordWe offer a choice of service options, all of which can be tailored to suit your requirements. All parts fitted by us come with a 12,000 mile / 12 months warranty

SLP Autos is an approved Bosch Service centre with qualified service technicians using the latest Bosch diagnostic equipment to inspect and service your vehicle. As part of our range of garage services we offer a choice of servicing options for your vehicle. These depend on the make, model, age and mileage of your vehicle. If you require servicing or repair of a specific part of your vehicle, please visit the Repairs page for more information.


Service Lights

If there is a service light or warning sign illuminated on your dashboard it does not mean that you need to go to a main dealer for a service or repairs. At SLP Autos our extensive Bosch diagnostic equipment allows us to access the ECU (Engine Control Unit) of most makes and models of cars and light commercial vehicles.

Autodata Pricing Policy

Service Guide:

Ultimately, the service that you have performed on your vehicle is up to you, but to assess the service requirements of your vehicle we initially refer to our Autodata system, which provides guidelines supplied by the vehicles manufacturer. These recommendations are based on the specific make, model, age, mileage and the service interval of the vehicle. It also allows us to provide fair pricing based on their guidelines for parts and labour, so it is usually our first point of reference. Our experienced mechanics are of course able to assess your vehicle, advise you and provide a quote based on your vehicle’s specific service requirements.

We offer 3 standard service options:


Health Check
  • Interior: horn, seat belts, levers, switches, wipers, washers, instruments, lights
  • Under the bonnet: Battery, fluids, coolant, oil, fan belt, camshaft, air conditioning
  • Tyre check
  • Under Vehicle: Pads/discs, hoses, steering/suspension, drive shafts, front pipe, silencers and body condition.
Interim Service
  • Check and replacement of oil and pollen filters.
  • Check and top up fluid levels: Washers, brake fluid, power steering fluid, oil, anti-freeze and engine coolant
  • Lights check
  • Tyre check
  • Battery check

Full Service
  • Check and replacement of filters – air, oil, fuel and pollen.
  • Check and top up fluid levels: Washers, brake fluid, power steering fluid, oil, anti-freeze and engine coolant
  • Lights check
  • Tyre check
  • Battery check
  • Brakes – cleaned and adjusted
  • Spark Plugs –checked and replaced
Air Conditioning Service – Air-Con Recharge

Many cars these days are fitted with an air-con system as standard. Typically air conditioning systems will leak around 10% each year, which means that they will not perform as effectively in providing cool air for the summer or warm dry air for the winter. To keep your air condition system in performing efficiently and in good working order manufacturers recommend that an air-con system is recharged with gas and lubricant every 2 years. An un-serviced air-con system will put more strain on the engine and can drastically affect your fuel efficiency.

At SLP Autos we offer a complete air conditioning recharge service with fully trained technicians. If you need an air-con service we ask that customers kindly book an appointment for their vehicle in advance, as the process usually takes around an hour to complete.

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