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Is your car air con under performing?

Are you finding that the air conditioning in your car is not as cool in summer or as hot in winter as it used to be?

SLP Autos are your local car and van air conditioning specialists in Chelmsford and have years of expertise in finding faults and getting air con systems working efficiently again. Our complete air con service includes air con checks, re-gassing, servicing and repairs.

Why should you have your car air con serviced?

Many cars these days are fitted with an air-con system as standard. The air conditioning system in your car not only cools the inside of your car, but helps to filter out pollen, pollutants and any airborne bacteria from the air,  which can greatly improve the quality of air inside your vehicle, just as long as it is properly maintained.

An un-serviced air-con system will:

  • not work as effectively
  • drastically affect your fuel efficiency
  • not cool/heat the air in your car as much
  • not filter the air in your car properly
  • allow pollen and pollutants into the car
  • put more strain on the engine

How often should you have a car air con service / re-gas?

Over time car air conditioning systems lose the refrigerant gas which cools the air. Typically a car air con system will leak around 10% each year, which means that they will not perform as effectively as they should, especially if they are not used on a regular basis. If your car air conditioning is not performing effectively; providing cool air for the summer or warm dry air for the winter, it is most likely in need of a recharge or possible a repair to stop a leak.

To maintain your air condition system and keep it performing efficiently it is best to have a regular service which will include topping-up the gas. Most car manufacturers recommend that an air-con system is recharged with gas and lubricant every 2 years. This allows you to keep a check on the gas levels and make sure the air con system is kept clean and able to perform efficiently.

Car Air Con Services in Chelmsford

At SLP Autos we offer a complete car air conditioning service, with fully trained technicians that are certified to handle R-134A and R1234 gases and the purple dye used to trace leaks within an air conditioning system. This means as well as re-gasing your car air con system, we can identify and make an necessary repairs to leaks in your air con system if  it they are required.

Car Air Con Repairs

If you air con unit does have a leak we are usually able to either fit replacement parts or perform the necessary welding and repairs to re-seal the system and getting it performing efficiently again.

Booking Your Car Air Con Re-gas, Service or Repair

Our skilled technicians are able to fully check your vehicle and advise whether you need an air con service, regas or a repair. We normally ask customers wishing to have an air-conditioning service to book an appointment for their vehicle in advance, as the process usually takes around an hour to complete. That said, as a local, family-run garage service we will always do our best to fit your car in as soon as possible.


Please contact our Customer Service team to make arrangements for your car air con re-gas, service or repairs on:

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